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Best Auto Oil Filter

best auto oil filter

    oil filter
  • a filter that removes impurities from the oil used to lubricate an internal-combustion engine

  • An oil filter is a filter to remove contaminants from engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil, or hydraulic oil. Oil filters are used in many different types of hydraulic machinery.

  • A cartridge-filled canister placed in an engines lubricating system to strain dirt and abrasive materials out of the oil.

  • An automobile

  • car: a motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine; "he needs a car to get to work"

  • Auto is a sub-genre of Dramatic Literature. It has its origin in the Middle Ages, in Spain, by the 12th century. In Portugal, in the 16th century, Gil Vicente is the main author of this type of dramatic genre. Luis de Camoes and Dom Francisco Manuel de Mello also adopted this form of writing.

  • Oram Po is a Tamil comedy film starring Arya and Pooja. The film, directed by the debutant duo, Pushkar-Gayatri, is produced by V. Palanivel and A.C. Anandan for A.P. Film Garden. G. V. Prakash Kumar of Veyyil fame is the music director.

Mandarin Duck

Mandarin Duck

A wild (feral) mandarin duck on the lake at mallards pike in the forest of dean.I wasn't really expecting to see these guys out in the forest, I was really there to get forest scenes and take some "macro" shots with Saras and his family.

These little fellows have given me a lot of joy lately, not least by merely being calm enough to get close, and being their spectacular selves. Given their effort, I thought I'd match it by doing something that I hope does them justice, so that you can appreciate what I see in them. Now the basic problem is, my camera isnt really capable of the tonality I want to capture, it would just have been another badly contrasted duck with no richness of colour and some nasty light fringing, and a fairly indeterminate depth of field and fairly flat detail. For what I really want to do, thats probably 40k of camera and lenses, and since getting that much money together will happen sometime after my last grandchild on this earth has turned to dust, we turn to LDR techniques.

Normally i'm not into LDR or HDR animals , natural is best. You have a shot with elements you like, really wanted, but the tonality is awful, do you ditch it and send it directly to the recycle bin? Hell no! Fact is you got lucky one day, but it might not happen again for years, so in my book, make it work!

Spent hours on this one, trying all sorts of layers and blurs to get the light and feel right. I wanted something that was elusive like an oil painting in depths and yet felt so clear and strong you could almost reach out and grab the animal. If I got anywhere near that I'm happy.

Tonally of course, almost anything with white and black plumage in direct sun is a nightmare, so hopefully the processing here brings the best of the texture, the colour, and the extremes of contrast.

This is 4 combined LDR processes, several layers, including soft light and tonal gradients, about 20 different grades of sharpness and blurs, and some selective colour work. TBH after 2 hours of tinkering I can't remember what the hell I did, call it a picture of a thousand clicks. lol.

I think I have eventually pulled something out of the bag. Hope you like it, I do, but then I would, it suits my taste and i've been hammering at it for hours. It does for me what photos in books by durrel, attenborough, the WWF, time life etc did for me as a kid. If anyone remembers the 70's you'll remember it was a bit of a dour age and colour and form was brought to me through those books, looking back through the old books the sense of discovery is still there, but the images, as they were, brilliant for their time, superb in fact, but now jaded, colour faded, grainy not quite in focus. At the time though it didnt matter , we saw the animals in those pages shot so intuitively that using such things as imaginations and suspension of disbelief if you will, almost dreams, we brought them back to life in our minds, it was easy, because of great photographers making the best out of their equipment and shooting with descriptive talent enough to stimulate the brain even though conditions were difficult.. We felt like we were there.

Thats what I want to feel again, those images that fill the mind. Images that inspire. Maybe thats having it on a plate, but for each generation the goalposts move a little. Maybe its a photo, maybe its art, maybe its a memory filtered reality, maybe its overdescribing the obvious, I never really know where to place or how to describe images like this, but it does it for me.

At least I know the one thing it isnt, and thats a bluetoned, machine on auto settings representation of what I saw. Flickr is full of em, blue, grey, hazy, no consideration for DOF or colour and frankly, no matter how good the wildlife spot, they bore me. Most of the LDR's and HDR's out there don't make any concession to reality, they are nearly all overt. I want such techniques to add something, not to diminish. I don't want effect, I want description.

In this I can see every feather, every exquisite shape and colour, adjusted as my eyes see, from stark light to the sleepy mental haze of drifting into a reflection near water. Motion is implied , not blurred, which for me is tedious, and the animal hasnt descended into merely shapes, the pose is comfortably expected and the avoidance of full profile avoided because I don't like the form to descend into simple idolatry or cliche, it still has natural personality, the presence of life is important to me, and the light and colour I find very pleasing though i'm sure thats a matter of taste. I'm good with the water, brown is always difficult to work with but theres translucence at the top, a clarity, and below rich chocolate and terracotta browns, andf TBH thats about as good as you get from a muddy lake. A blue sunlit patch would have been a bit brighter, but its not always about that, and mandarins spend a lot of time in shade anyway, and besides where a wild animal is - is precisely wh

AMI Style, AMI Com, AMI Tec Leipzig 2011 - Chevrolet Camaro T-Top Tuning Car

AMI Style, AMI Com, AMI Tec Leipzig 2011 - Chevrolet Camaro T-Top Tuning Car

Text der Schautafel

Baujahr: 1980

Leihgeber: Karsten Summerer, Coswig

Besonderheiten Motorraum:

Der Motorraum des amerikanischen Chevrolets wurde mit Hologrammflakes in der Fahrzeugfarbe auslackiert. Der Motor erhielt eine rote Lackierung, wozu auch die roten Zundkabel passen. Der in Edelstahl bezogene Zundkabelhalter mit Gravur ist ein Eigenbau des Besitzers. Auch die Kuhlschlauche sind aus Edelstahl. Unter der Haube glanzt auch hier viel Chrom: am Chromluftfilter, Chrom-Ventildeckel - mit Zierschrauben - und diversen anderen Teilen. Selbst der Olservice-"Zettel" ist ein Eigenbau - aus graviertem Alu.

Sonstige Besonderheiten zum Fahrzeug:

Es handelt sich um eine "Frame off Restaurierung", d.h. die Karosse wurde komplett von Chassis getrennt. Der Rahmen und das Fahrwerk wurden verzinkt und pulverbeschichtet. Die Karosse ist gestrahlt, geschwei?t und im Supersport-Design von 1973 lackiert. Die Kotflugel wurden hinten verbreitert und das Fahrzeug wurde mit Black Out-Kit-Heckleuchten ausgestattet. Im Innenraum des Fahrzeuges befinden sich ein Grant Challenger Lenkrad und Shroth autocontrol H-Gurte.

Das Fahrzeug gewann bereits verschiedene Preise:

3. Platz - "Best of Show" beim 5. All-American-Weekend
1. Platz - "Best of USA" beim Tuning-Summercamp 2010
1. Platz - "Best of USA" bei Speednation Gro?enhain 2010


Text display

Year of construction: 1980

Lender: Karsten Summerer, Coswig

Specialties engine compartment:

The engine compartment of American Chevrolet was painted out with Hologrammflakes in the colour of the vehicle. The engine received a red paint job, which includes also the red plug fit. The ignition cable holder related in stainless steel with engraving is a self-construction of the owner. Also the cooling tubes are made of stainless steel. Under the hood here too much chrome shines: chrome air filter, chrome valve cover - with decorative screws - and various other parts. Even the oil service "Slip" is a self made - an engraved aluminum.

Other specialties to the vehicle:

It is a "frame off restoration", i.e. the body was completely separated from the chassis. The frame and the suspension were galvanized and powder coated. The body is blasted, welded and painted in the Super Sport design from 1973. The wings were widened rear and the vehicle was equipped with black out Kit rear lamps. In the Interior of the vehicle a grant Challenger are steering wheel and Shroth autocontrol H-harnesses.

The vehicle won several awards:

3Rd place - "Best of show" at the 5. American weekend
1St place - "Best of United States" the tuning summer camp 2010
1St place - "Best of United States" at speed nation Gro?enhain 2010
(translated with bing translator)

best auto oil filter

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